Shooting Price 

Would you like to capture yourself along with the beautiful scenery of Japan with a professional photographer? You can experience shooting at your favorite travel destinations, mainly Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kamakura.

◆1 hour 

50 Photos 

1 location 

¥49,500-JPY(tax in) 


◆2 hour 

100 Photos 

1-2 location 

¥69,300-JPY(tax in) 


◆3 hour 

150 Photos 

2-3 location 

¥89,100-JPY(tax in) 


Transportation time during a shoot is included in the hour.

2 hour recommended. 

Please bring your own dress + accessories. 






Hair and make 

・Hair and make up only ¥25,000-JPY + transportation 

・Hair and make up & attendant ¥44,000-JPY + transportation 


Time extension 

¥10,000-JPY/1 hour 



・Rent a casual dress for ¥20,000-JPY + shipping 

・A tuxedo for ¥23,000-JPY + shipping.* 

*For tuxedos, accessory sets (tuxedo dress shirts, suspenders, cufflinks, bow ties) can be included for an additional ¥10,000-JPY. 

Basically, you will receive the item two days before the shooting date and arrange for it to be returned by the day after the shooting date. 





Q. Does the package include make up and hair ? 

A. No. The above is only the shooting price. 


Q. Do you offer to rent a suit / dress? 

A. I can introduce casual wedding dresses. 


Delivery time is 1 month. 




Abou attendant 

The role of an attendant in location photography is to follow the bride and groom during the location shoot, check for any messed up makeup, and correct it on the spot if necessary. 

When shooting on location, it is easily affected by temperature, humidity, wind, etc., so in order to always take photos in the best condition, it is necessary to correct any disturbances frequently. In particular, even if you wear a nice dress and go to the perfect location for a photo shoot, if your hairstyle is out of place in the photo, it will ruin your photo shoot. Hair and makeup attendant checks the condition of your hair and makeup for each photo you take and keeps it in the best condition. 

At the same time, you can also check to see if your dress is wearing out. They may help you adjust the hem of your dress or the direction of your veil, or help create a look that looks like it's waving gently in the wind.